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Residential lighting near me

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Residential lighting near me

Residential Lighting Solutions

Take your home to the next level with seamless and sophisticated permanent outdoor lighting. Our lights are customizable with easy phone app control so that your house can shine during any season, event, or special moment during the year. New Age Lights will professionally install your lights so that they are discreet and invisible during the day and at night, shining like stars in the sky.


Why choose permanent outdoor lighting for your home?
Residential lighting near me
Yes, it is! We have over 16 million color combinations choices and over 100 present patterns.
The track lighting is quite discrete and almost invisible from streetside. We can make them naturally blend into the color scheme of your house.

Our LED lights are energy-efficient and have a lifespan of around 50K hours. LED lighting is one of the most durable lighting systems you can buy.

Permanent Outdoor Lighting: Create The Right Impression

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