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Chattanooga lighting company
Chattanooga lighting company
New Age Lights in Chattanooga, TN

Brighter Lights & Better Nights for Chattanooga

In the late 1960s, Chattanooga was in the spotlight for the wrong reason. It was considered the most polluted city in the USA. Fast forward to 2023. Chattanooga now is a beacon around the world for how a city can transform itself and embrace sustainability and economic growth. This is why we are proud to make Chattanooga a large part of our business. The city is pulsating with development and positive growth. It is a perfect platform for permanent outdoor lighting for both residential and commercial use. To set up your lighting consult please call our office at (423) 528-1240.

Permanent Outdoor Lighting: Create The Right Impression

Our focus

Bringing the Highest Quality LED Outdoor Lighting Services to the Scenic City

There are endless opportunities for our community in Chattanooga to enhance residential and commercial buildings. There are also many new companies vying to make their mark. LED outdoor lighting is the perfect way to highlight your best qualities and stand out from your competition.

From Rock City to Ruby Falls to the 85,000-plus homes in the Chattanooga area, one thing is for sure – Chattanooga likes to show off its lights at Christmas. The traditional way of putting up lights means that there are a high number of people who will take the risk every year of putting up and taking down lights. Our company´s mission is to make all our lives easier and simpler by offering the opportunity for homes and businesses to alleviate the risk and hassle of yearly decorating.

Outdoor permanent LED lighting is the smarter solution to keeping you off your roof and ladders every year so that you can safely take part in the thrill of almost endless color combinations for fun and strategic lighting for home and business safety. Contact us today for a free estimate so that we can brighten your day.

To set up your lighting consult please call our office at (423) 528-1240.

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